The Touch Formula

Wouldn’t it be nice if simply being in business meant getting business?

Imagine if the day you received your license, got your degree, passed your boards or opened your office, the phone began to ring with client upon client, wanting to hire you. Doesn’t really work that way, does it?

Unfortunately, for most, the ability to make the phone ring or inbox ding with new quality business or sales opportunities is everyone’s limiting factor. The business world is filled with talented practitioners who are technically proficient at their craft but lack the requisite number of opportunities to earn the income they desire. It is unfortunate.

Ultimately, any proficient practitioner will underachieve their income potential without a marketing program designed to reach their audience in a way that is regular, valuable and appropriate.

The Formula

In its most simplified form, the basic formula for marketing looks something like this:


There are thousands of variables that can be added to this equation, but for this discussion, mastering these fundamentals will ensure that you have more than enough quality opportunities to drive your income forward.


REACH is nothing more than how many people you can get your message in front of, given budget constraints. For most of us, this includes friends, family, business contacts, past clients and other contacts that we have been able to capture somewhere along the line.

For most of us, if we were consistent and regular in reaching out to our existing network of contacts and past clients, we would find more than enough business opportunities to take our income to next level.


The idea behind MESSAGE is really the answer to the following question — ‘Why does what you do actually matter?’

It is critical to be able to not only reach your market, but to reach them with a message that resonates. If you cannot distinguish yourself with a message that answers the question of why you matter, you are nothing more than a commodity — and no service provider ever wants to viewed as providing a commodity.

A powerful message is one that offers your client base something other than a ‘Look at Me’ or ‘I am Great!’ type of narrative. Far too often, people offer self-aggrandizing messages that are nothing more than bragging and expect it create engagement. It does not …


FREQUENCY refers to the rate at which you deliver your message.

The world’s most powerful message, delivered once every two years, will not be effective. Similarly, delivering even the perfect message 5 times per day, every day, will eventually work against you. The goal is to understand the frequency of the message that will reach your audience often enough that they remember you, but not so often that they tune you out — or worse yet — block you out.


Without CONVERSION, there is no business.

Imagine this — you set up the most amazing marketing plan ever. You craft and deliver the perfect message to your audience and learn to send it at the perfect frequency.

A potential client receives your message at the exact right moment when they have the need for your services and they pick up the phone and call you!  And you don’t answer. And as a matter of a fact, you don’t call them back until 3 days later.

The speed at which you can react to an inquiry probably drives more success (or failure) than any other aspect of the Lead Generation formula. And those who minimize response time win at far greater rates than those who do not.


With any multivariable formula, each variable has impact on the outcome.

A weak message delivered with perfect frequency might do as well as a powerful message delivered infrequently. Similarly, a small audience can yield as many opportunities as a large one if the opportunities generated are converted at a higher rate by rapid and powerful response. And of course, a perfect message delivered to a broad audience at the perfect frequency will yield nothing if the conversion techniques are poor.

The goal at Hither Marketing is to not only help you understand all of the variables, but to help you to increase the impact of each on the ultimate outcome.