Being a Realtor means having two jobs …

Job # 1  — Meet clients, show properties, write contracts, go on listing appointments, fly drones, get feedback, be ‘spot-on’ in your valuations, explain inaccurate Zestimates, argue with appraisers, understand zoning, deal with lenders, schedule photographers, stagers, inspectors, appraisers and contractors, negotiate deals, manage MLS and keep current on your continuing education.

Job # 2 — Make your phone ring.

It is an unfortunate fact that being a master in all of the technical proficiencies of real estate means nothing if you have no one to represent.

So how do you make clients pick up the phone and call (or text, or e mail)?

It depends on who you ask. Industry publications, seminars, webinars or other gurus suggest that all of the successful agents either cold call, ask for referrals, Tweet, blog, chat, IDX, post regularly on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, drip on prospects, film videos and record podcasts (or all of the above).


Our team can look at your overall marketing efforts and market presence an create a plan that not only reaches your marketplace appropriately, but matches your persona AND fits within your budget. The team at Hither has created written, photographic, audio and video content, has built websites, scrubbed contact databases, implemented drip marketing as well as managed social and AdWords campaigns.

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