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“Print is Dead? Not so Fast.”

Forbes Magazine


Print is not dead.

Many forms of print have lost their effectivness, but the entire print industry is not as dead as the digital zealots would prefer you believe. The days of a ‘print first’ plan are well into the rear view mirror, but it can still be effective at reaching your audience and delivering a bold message.

Effective print is difficult is not only difficult to create, but has a long lead time and can be tricky to integrate into a campaign. So in order to be effective and to justify both the cost and effort of creation, print needs to be wide-ranging, visually appealing, ‘evergreen’ and flexible. At Hither, we believe in creating powerful and flexible print pieces that can position individuals and companies as market experts.

Samples of Our Work: One South

Blending commercial and residential brokerage practice under one roof, One South Realty’s business model is rare and can often create confusion within their client-base. We created a series of pieces designed to give each facet of the company its own narrative.

A Guide to One South Realty Group

A Guide to One South Commercial

An Insider’s Guide to Luxury Housing in Richmond, VA

An Insider’s Guide to the Condo Market in Richmond, VA



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