Mortgage Lenders

Each industry acquires clients in a slightly different manner.

For mortgage originators, becoming the ‘go-to’ option for a handful of successful Realtors is the most common model for business development. But even the almighty referral from an agent does not insulate the originator from price shopping by the consumer and pressure to cut fees to the bone.

So how does an individual loan officer compete with an online loan provider promising rock bottom rates and low fees? By establishing expertise, knowledge and credibility in the eyes of the consumer, that’s how. By demonstrating expertise and a command of industry best practices, a loan officer goes from being a price-driven commodity supplier to a valued member of the team.

At Hither we understand the mortgage origination business well. Working alongside our mortgage brethren for decades has given us tremendous insight into how clients choose their lenders. And by taking what we have learned from sourcing business on our own, Hither can help mortgage lenders craft a plan to increase the instances of successful conversion and decrease instances of price cutting in order to win deals.


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