2008 through 2012 took a toll on many industries. None were harder hit than the those who built new homes.

While property values shrank by roughly 30% nationwide, the number of new homes being built dropped to levels unheard of in nearly 50 years. Many home builders did not survive.

Fast forward to today and you have the exact opposite occurring. An industry just emerging from survival mode, with skeleton staffs and little to no overhead is now struggling to keep pace with an insatiable market demanding new housing. And despite orders coming in faster than they can be filled, the painful memories of the crash are still fresh. Creating unnecessary and costly overhead feels unwise and thus, the robust marketing budgets that existed before the crash, especially for the smaller and mid-sized builders, are no more.

Yet no builder doubts the need for a crisp and easily navigable website, stunning photography of kitchens and baths and crisp print materials, but dedicating not only valuable financial capital to the creation of material, but the intellectual capital as well feels as foreign as it does risky.

We can help.

At Hither, we not only bring marketing expertise to the party, but a wealth of real estate knowledge as well. Our experience in the world of print, web, copywriting, photography, social media, drip campaigns and other promotional strategies are applicable across genres and can greatly benefit the building business.