Audio and Video Creation

Forrester researcher Dr. James McQuivey estimates that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.

Video, audio, blogging and the other nouveau forms of content creation are all increasingly becoming the new normal. Being able to communicate value to the market not only separates you from your competition, but it gives your clients a glimpse behind the scenes of what you do for them every day.

From simple audio podcasts to far more complex video capture and editing, Hither understands not only the fundamentals required to create quality audio/video content, but how to maximize its useful life and its distribution.

Samples of Our Work

Walnut Hill

Our latest effort to help create engagement for a home builder and designer for a large lot subdivision in rural Western Hanover County. It was a joint effort between multiple individuals, including a professional cinematographer, who did a phenomenal job of executing the vision we had for the piece.

Bio Videos

As part of our relationship with One South Realty Group, Hither provides bio videos for agents looking to build authenticity and familiarity around their individual or team brands. With over 5,000 real estate agents in the Richmond marketplace, this can be a great tool in making potential clients feel comfortable reaching out.

7 West

7 West, a contemporary development project in the Manchester Neighborhood, is a project that required the full menu of Hither’s services. For 7 West, we took the stunning fly-through virtual tour created by our rendering partner and introducedĀ narrative from the developer, architect, and agent team.

M Street

M Street was a project lead by the reRVA Team of One South Realty Group and Upward Builders. Combining their unique vision and execution skills they created a product that was modern, clean, and sleek, providing a little more variety than what was already available in the area. This video allows the design aesthetics to speak for themselves.


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