When you think of attorney advertising — what do you think of?

Unfortunately for most of us, the image of the personal injury attorney bashing the insurance companies comes to mind instead of a legal professional helping a client understanding the virtues of title insurance, wills and trusts, secession planning or other services so vital to the financial and legal health of a family or business.

It does not have to be that way.

Having an trusted legal advocate on your team is invaluable. Regardless of your age, income, familial status or vocation, we all will have a need for legal advocacy at some point and having a trusted member already on the team often means heading off trouble before it even starts.

Using real estate settlement as the pulpit, the legal practitioner providing closing services should be leveraging the opportunity to promote a full range of legal services. Buying or selling a home generally signifies a shift in lifestyle and when lifestyles shift, legal frameworks do as well. But far more often than not, those in the legal profession do a poor job of marketing their services, typically via print or drip, and lose the perfect opportunity to market themselves and their other services.

We can help.

By taking the fundamentals of small business marketing, Hither can help those in the legal profession market services over and above real estate settlement and help build recurring revenue in additional practice areas.

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